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Retaining Walls:

A variety of different Retaining Wall designs can be built with various interlocking block wall systems. The projects pictured below incorporate multilevel tiers with embedded staircases and flower box plating areas.


Multilevel planting areas are incorporated in this tiered retaining wall which follows the contour of the ground as it wraps around the corner of the house, hiding an otherwise unsightly foundation.


A circular design, this planting area built with natural looking stone block compliments the adjacent front porch while helping to hide an outside air conditioner.


Multilevel retaining walls incorporate stone stairways and walks providing access to driveway.


Following the contour of the surrounding grade a series of retaining walls is tied together with ground level edge stone and back filled with matching color rock for accent.


Blending he grade of a sloping driveway, these curved retaining walls blend from foundation grade to driveway level, creating several planting areas around the chimney chase.

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