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Landscape Plantings:

Mulched in among the trees or placed strategically by a house or on a hillside, planting areas bring a special accent to landscape designs.

Planting areas are often the solution to hard to manage areas of your yard where hillsides are too steep to maintain, or shade prevents grass from growing.


Rock outcroppings make the perfect accent to planting areas. Set randomly into the hillside, rock outcroppings also tie the planting area into the rest of the surroundings, making it look like it was always there.


Planting areas along dry creek beds reduce soil erosion, clean stream water and create “bioswales”, see wikipedia entry for “bioswale”



Planting areas in the front of the house add accent to porches and walks.

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Planting areas are also used to tie waterfalls, streams and ponds into the surrounding landscape.


Berms are popular landscape design elements which can be placed right in the middle of a yard for accent.


Planting areas can add accent to mediocre landscapes and also reduce the amount of grass which needs to be cut. Notice the difference in the landscape above as it is transformed by adding the planting area.


Accenting the large boulder outcropping, the planting area turns a mediocre hillside into a beautiful area for shrubs, trees and perennials.

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