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Artists by Nature:

Owners Kevin and Janis Fox have been creating unique landscape designs since starting Natural Designs Landscaping in 1995. Their keen eye for a natural flair in landscape design was born out of a love for nature and the time they spend exploring and discovering the natural landscapes in the woods around their home in Labadie, Missouri and along the rivers and streams of the Ozark wilderness in southern Missouri.

Developed out of a passion for canoeing on the Current and Jacks Fork rivers, Kevin and Jan have recently discovered an increase in the popularity of the “Water Feature” side of their business which has allowed them to specialize in creating totally unique streams, ponds and waterfalls for their customers.

Follow the series of pictures below to see just what goes into creating one of these truly beautiful works of art in stone, water and earth.


Starting out, the existing landscape must be prepared for excavation of the pond and stream. Flowers and plantings must be dug up and moved aside.


 Proper stone selection for a project of this type is critically important. Notice the larger boulders in front which will make up the foundation of the stream walls and the smaller stones in back which will make up the upper tiers.


Excavation of the site yields the outline of the pond and stream as it tracks up the hillside and down into the base of the pond.


Plumbing is put in place which will connect the upper fill box with the lower skimmer box that houses the pump, filters, and check valve which prevents the pond from overflowing when the pump is turned off.


The finished product, a tranquil setting from nature right in your own backyard.

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